Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I chose the song just take a minute by K’naan because it is heart felt. K’naan grew up in a place where there was a lot of child soldiers and the song reflect Ishmael now and not how he was as a child soldier. I am so glad that he is not still a child soldier. 

Child Soldiers

Child soldiers are used everywhere and in some places it is normal. In America it is out of the norm, so when I hear of children being drugged and trained to be killing machines it breaks my heart.  It is not right that children are given drugs to kill. What happens is that they become addicted to the drugs and the only place they can find the drugs is when the kill for them. Many children grow up and that is all they know is to kill for food, drugs, clothing, and shelter. I hope that someday this will stop and children will grow up in a perfect world but that will not happen. I hate the fact that children are killing to survive. I wish there was some way we could change the way things works so the children that are soldiers can live as children. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Book review

Glimpse By carol Lynch Williams

MY sister Lizzy, in
MY bathroom.
SHE was blamed...for 
HIM and why, 
HE is gone, and now 
SHE will be gone to because 
SHE was holding 
HIS gun. to
HER head but why 
HER? and will it happen to 
ME? it is not 
HER fault...
SHE was made by 
OUR mother,
HER mother because 
OUR mother blamed 
HER for 
HIS death
RUN? no she couldn’t 
RAPE is her problem.
READ is what you should 
DO and you will 
I loved this book 
I want to read another one like it 
I think 
YOU will like it too if 
YOU like novels in verse  
I love that it looks long  but 
I can read it in a few hours 
This book is perfect for: