Friday, November 19, 2010

"The Message" by Grand Master Flash

“A child is born with no state of mind

Blind to the ways of mankind.”

Quote from Rapper Grand Master Flash

This quote related to the book A Long Way Gone, because in the book children live such different life style than we do in America. They are free to roam throughout towns without telling anyone where they are going. They also are a really poor country and the children are born without a chance for education. They wakeup to crime and war. Infants are born in crime and war.

“God is smiling on you but he's frowning too

Because only God knows what you’ll go through.”

QUOTE FROM Rapper Grand Master Flash

This quote also relates to the book in the same way. Children are born into war and and lack of food. Most people can't relate because they don't have to live in the same environment and wakeup starving like the children do in the book A Long Way Gone.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Revolutionary United Front (RUF) is a terrorist group formed in the 1980s in Sierra Leone; seeks to overthrow the government and gain control of the diamond producing regions; responsible for attacks on civilians and children. In the end the Rebels lost the war although there are still people being tried for the acts that were committed.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Facts about Lovebug Starski
Starski recorded his first single, "Positive Life," on the Tayster record label in 1981.
Lovebug Starski and World Famous Brucie B also worked together at the Rooftop Roller rink in Harlem during the 1980s.
In the 1990s Starski began DJing again with his friend, DJ Hollywood.
He began his career as a record boy in 1971 as hip-hop first appeared in the Bronx, and he eventually became a DJ at the Disco Fever club in 1978.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Book review

O.K so I read the book Glass by Ellen Hopkins. It was an amazing book. I definitely recommend this book. Both guys and girls can read it but I think girls would enjoy it more. It is about a woman named Kristina, she had just had a baby and is trying to recover from her drug addiction to Crystal-Meth. Her life was going pretty well until the monster starts to haunt her again. Then her life is back to the vortex it was before her son Hunter was born. Things go from bed to worse when Kristina came home the last time high. Her mom kicks her out and now she is going to move in with her boy-toy’s cousin Brad and be a nanny. Living there was a twenty four hour party with her new friend and the monster. When Brad’s wife moves back home Kristina now moves into a motel. Soon after she finds trouble and her life is in a vortex again... Although this book looks long, it is a very fast read. It is told in poems and I recommend it to people that like to read about drugs and other shenanigans of that sort.