Tuesday, June 15, 2010


This year has been amazing we went from crazy last year to mellow and better behaved this year and next year will be even better. As a class we grew and we will continue growing. I used the word impulse because last year we were impulsive separately and this year we were impulsive together as a whole. I can’t wait for next year.


Impulse by Ellen Hopkins

This book is about three teens who have very different lives. First of all the are all sent to this Rehab clinic/camp because they all try to kill them selves. The book shows the journey these three teens overcome while in this clinic/ camp. Vanessa is one of the charters who you will meet. She is beautiful and smart but her family history haunts her until she cuts a little too deep and her little brother finds her. Tony has had it rough too. He is a gay teen that grew up without a dad and a mother who could care less, and the pills and boos got a little too out of hand. Conner has what some people think is I perfect life, but to him he is pushed over the edge with all the pressure. He copes when he finds emma but when she is gone it all goes down hill from there. I loved how connected the three got during the book. Three opposite people with a bond that will last forever, or for a while anyway. I also loved how I related to each of them in away I felt like I was with them in the book like a fly on the wall. I recommend this book to Mature readers. It is a very intense book. It is for people who like realistic fiction. Impulse looks long but the poems are very short so it is a really fast read. The book is told in poems which is very cool. This book was very Intense but heart warming.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tarot Vignette

I am bad for instance I sass my mom and get grounded

I am wonderful for instance I sit up late at night and type my mom’s papers

I am ugly for instance I am built like a man

I am beautiful for instance I have long dark curly hair

I am tough for instance I walked on a broken feet for two weeks

I am weak for instance I cry over almost anything

I am stupid for instance I know nothing about cars

I am smart for instance I have made high honors all sophomore year

I am mad for instance my dad really pisses me off

I am happy for instance I have a wonderful life with my mom and step dad

I judge for instance I look in the mirror and judge myself everyday